702. Our Week [108]

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001. Monday involved a visit to my gorgeous Godson, a trip to the park and baking cookies. Best day ever!

002. I sucked at taking pictures this week. A lot. I had a bunch of tidying and organising to do, as well as getting things ready for a book party and two Christmas Fairs (which were both absolute busts, which also sucked). This week is all about quality time and having SO. MUCH. FUN. All sorts of Christmas crafts and baking to do, Pinterest ahoy!

003. We put up our Christmas decorations at the weekend, we convinced Daddy to let us put them up on Saturday, even though 'it wasn't December'! We have our adverts ready, a chocolate one and a wrapped book/DVD one, there is tinsel everywhere and I plan on investing in some more fairy lights to turn this place into our own winter wonderland! I just bought two little white trees after seeing a ton on IG & loving them, plus Daniel asked so nicely for one in his room!

004. We saw Father Christmas twice this weekend! First at the school fete, then again at a soft play centre's Christmas party. Joshua was a little scared at first but no tears (though that always makes for a hilarious picture!) We had fun last night at the party, my boys are a lot braver than I am! The giant super-fast slide was a firm favourite, and it's fun to see Daniel's independence grow - he found a couple of friends from school and was off! Joshua was playing with a friend too, which was adorable!

005. Vampire Diaries series four is on UK Netflix, finally! I'm three episodes in and had to make the difficult decision to take a nap over watching a few more today, we have NOT been sleeping well. The boys both have nasty coughs and I think I'm suffering from a little insomnia. I'm really struggling to get to sleep, even when I'm exhausted! I have an old-lady plan to go to bed a little earlier and read my book to help, but that's been ruined tonight by Mission Impossible Ghost - not usually my type of film but I'm loving it!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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