691. Our Week [108]

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001. We had so much fun with Daddy at home last week! We went swimming, out for dinner, he came and held my hand at the dentist (gosh, I love him!), and shopping. The boys loved having him here, and were so upset when he had to go back to work. They all adore each other and it's the sweetest thing to see!

002. I was so proud of Daniel for overcoming his fear of dogs when we went to see my gorgeous Godson. He went from completely petrified of poor Lucky (screaming, climbing all over me, I literally thought we were going to have to leave!) to playing tug of war with him! Joshua too, they must have slept well that night, including Lucky! My little Thomas is still pure perfection, little love!

003. I am so proud of myself - for the first time probably ever I am getting organised! I have more or less finished my Christmas shopping, I've ordered wrapping paper and Christmas cards, the Christmas pyjamas have been busted out, I have brought Christmas Eve pyjamas and outfits for Christmas Day, and I've been pinning Christmas crafts like a woman possessed. Colin's not letting me put any decorations up until December (Bah humbug!) but I'm planning extravagant things! 36 sleeps!!

004. Please tell y'all have heard of Dinovember by now? If not, go and check this out now! How brilliant! If only I knew where all our dinosaur figures were, though I'll definitely be joining in next year! There are some brilliant ideas on IG too, #dinovember!

005. I have grand plans of crossing everything off our Autumn Bucket List this week, so we can get cracking with Christmassy things next week! Today we built forts and yesterday I made soup, on a roll already! I have a couple of school tours planned, a couple of baby visits & a spot of wedding dress shopping on Wednesday! What are your plans for this week?


Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Hey Beth, I will definately be joining in with this link next week, promise! I can't believe how big Joshua is getting, wowsa! Glad to see you guys are also getting into the christmas spirit! :)