690. 18 months.


Joshua Reg loves his babies (he's just started calling his stuffed animals "bebe" & it's the cutest thing!!) and must take at least two everywhere he goes. Fox, tiger and bunny are a few favourites, but it changes day to day. He will eat anything that is dipped in ketchup, points at planes in the sky nearly as quick as his brother and can tantrum like no other. Related: Misbehaving is like his full-time JOB & he will just smile the cheekiest little smile if you try to stop him. He gives the sweetest kisses & likes to be as-close-as-possible-without-staying-still, I am basically his human jungle gym. His latest words are 'down', 'up', 'ball' & 'Bob'. Daniel, Nana and banana all sound very similar (na-na). He will sit and look at books the right way round, pulling them all out from the bookshelf is probably his favourite thing. He scrunches up his nose when he smiles and his giggle sounds quite similar to his whiny-cry. He pants when he runs, racing his brother or rushing to meet Daddy when he's home from work. I might be biased, but he is incredibly clever and knows exactly what he wants. He lights up our world & although I have a few extra grey hairs coming, I love him more than I can explain.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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