684. Our Week [107]

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My creation
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My creation

001. On Tuesday night we went to see a local fireworks display with my parents. We also went to see my Nana in hospital that afternoon & the boys hadn't slept, but they did really well! Joshua was completely amazed and didn't even flinch with the loud bangs, Daniel cowered into his Grandad's shoulder - chalk and cheese my boys!

002. I got to meet my gorgeous godson this weekend! I cannot get over how tiny and precious he is, and that I love him like my own! I am so proud of his parents, they were so natural and relaxed, a perfect atmosphere for a perfect babe!

003. I finally dyed my hair! It's a dark red, darker than I expected it to be but I think I quite like it. I have a few patches of brown too, but I can live with that. Especially as I'm supposed to wash it less often now to stop the dye fading, it'll be up a lot more! Thankful for whoever made the topknot cool, and braids too!

004. Daddy's off for another week & we're already off to a great start. Except for the fact Daniel got a pea stuck up his nose while we were out to dinner tonight! I noticed his eyes were red & watering, then I noticed it was only one, then a sudden realisation what he had done after I saw the peas on his plate & him rubbing his nose. I couldn't stop laughing, I'm giggling about it now! It was soft and we tried what we would to get it out so I think we're just going to let nature take it's course!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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