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Craving Mexican food! I spent a good half hour earlier on Pinterest searching for Mexican dishes, so weird! Colin's not a big fan but I'm planning ALL THE THINGS - tacos, nachos, enchiladas, Mexican rice, quesadillas! I would probably kill for a churro right now too, someone posted one on IG earlier and I'm still drooling at the thought!

Waiting for Joshua to fall asleep right now so I can go downstairs & watch a film with Colin, and eat an unhealthy amount of Hagen Daaz Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream! I'm still sitting in his room with him while he falls asleep, after feeding him. It's not really helping him sleep but he's way too stubborn for controlled crying (yes, I did try again!) & this way he falls asleep relatively easily so we'll roll with it. He had two good naps today so fingers crossed he sleeps better tonight, another 5:30am wake up might kill me.

Remembering to do my random list of to-do's that I never actually remember unless I'm out of the house/in the shower/anywhere where I literally cannot do them, and then I forget again! I have to update my business' Facebook page, chase some leads, fill in some forms for work & activate my bank card so I can order the boys some new clothes - Daniel is growing like a weed so nothing fits & I'm going to order their Christmas outfits too!

Liking having Colin home this week. He got up with the boys and let me sleep for an extra hour, then made me poached eggs for breakfast, we had a family dinner & he spent an hour chasing the boys round the house. He's pretty perfect, and it makes me extra happy when we're all together!

LOVING the fact that my GODSON IS FINALLY HERE! Thomas Allan, born yesterday morning at 8:26am, weighing 7lb 11.5oz! He's absolutely perfect, so so gorgeous & I am so proud of his Mama! I can't wait to meet him, I might be the proudest Godmother ever!

Cooking spaghetti bolognaise tonight for dinner, with wholemeal spaghetti. Interesting, but not my favourite,p. the boys gobbled it up though! I have grand plans to bake banana bread tomorrow, but those bananas have been sitting there for over a week so...

Lots of Love
Momma B

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