678. Our Autumn Bucket List.


Now Halloween's over it's everything I can do not to get overexcited about Christmas. Hold yer horses Bee, it's only November. I made an Autumn/Fall Bucket List a while ago, and have now decided to focus on that before I go all Christmas crazy. That being said, I did order a couple of Christmas presents and some (matching!) festive jammies! I just can't help myself.

Leopard print nails.
PJ's & movie day.
Rice sensory.
Trick or treating!
Paint pumpkins.
Make a pie!
Make tarts.
Dinner date.
Homemade soup.
Collect pinecones & acorns.
Leaf art.
Hot chocolate after a cold walk.

Jump in muddy puddles.
Drive in movie.
Bird feeders.
Popcorn & movie night.
Scented candles.
Slow cook 3 meals.
Leaf stomping/jumping.
Donate toys.

We've already done the things in bold, and we have a few planned this week - fireworks tomorrow night, and we're walking a lot more now Joshua prefers it to being in his pushchair. I'm excited to share a few more of my favourite things with my boys, Daniel was a huge fan of the hot chocolate with marshmallows, calling it "hot coffee" to everyone's entertainment. Every season is so much more fun now, seeing things through little eyes for the first time.

Slow cooker meal suggestions are also welcomed, I live with a bunch of fussy, meateating boys so I feel my options are limited. It almost seems pointless slow-cooking a meal for one and actually cooking three others!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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