672. 3.5 years.

He still loves cars, trains and diggers. Any vehicles actually. He often reenacts things he's seen on the TV while he plays, which is really cute!
Daniel loves to help me bake, pouring the ingredients into the bowl and mix, mix, mixing!
His memory is incredible, he can read entire books by heart & tell me about things that happened a year ago!
He is much better at trying new foods, especially if we let him dip it in ketchup! He will now eat most meats, potatoes and even sandwiches!
A growth spurt has happened recently, suddenly all his shirts are too short in the arms & I'm unrolling his trousers! Officially in 3-4 year clothing & size 8 shoes!
He likes to take his socks off while he eats, anything on Disney Jr, laying the table for dinner & listening to music. He is very complimentary and is just the sweetest little soul.
My parents got him a big boy bike for his Birthday & it took a little while but he's pretty good on it now! He's gaining confidence & can do small hills by himself, but tires easily going uphill. He's finally enjoying it though!
The transition to Nursery this fall was seamless, which I was pleasantly surprised about! I think because he was already in the routine with pre-school & already knew the children he was much happier. He gets ready in the morning without much fuss & is always excited to go! I love getting home and asking about his day, seeing his pictures that he proudly pulls out of his book bag!
The most wonderful big brother on the planet, we're still having some frustration issues but 95% of the time he is wonderful. Always giving Joshua toys, talking to him sweetly, and singing to him or bringing him things when he cries! Joshua's a lucky duck.
I'm pretty thankful that he still loves to 'nuggle' his Mama, especially when I'm sad (he tells me, "I'm still here Mummy, it's okay!") & holds my hand too!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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