671. Our Week [105]

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001. We had a trip to A&E today, for Daniel Kyle. He was pushing open a metal gate at the park, and when it opened it sprung shut again, rebounding into his head! A big blue bruise & dent appeared immediately, then an egg popped out too. Even though he seemed totally fine, it was quite a whack, so I decided to get it looked at. The professionals we saw put me right at ease, they checked him over and reassured me he was fine. The bruise might fall slightly, and he could end up with a black eye, but that's the worst of it luckily. My brave little soldier!

002. Joshua's been a little under the weather this week too, not sleeping well & suffering with a runny nose. Friday I had a long training day at work & felt absolutely awful leaving him, he was all red eyed & tired looking, poor baby. I think we've got even more teeth coming through, kid can't catch a break, as he keeps moaning about his mouth and chewing his fingers! Calpol all round, really.

003. I'm thinking about taking a photography course, as there's one on Groupon at the moment. I really have no idea how to use my camera, and especially now when the lighting isn't as good it would be useful to know how to get the best shots. I don't really have time to teach myself entirely, but I wonder if I would be taking on too much? I guess it'll get me back in training, for my return to Uni next year, eeek!

004. I'm so psyched for Halloween! I've got a ton of crafts for us to do this week, and a little party for Daniel's friends to prep for! I've got the week off work too, so we're going to decorate tomorrow & start baking! I'm excited for some quality time with my boys too, I think my heart is really missing them at the moment!

005. An early night is on the cards tonight, I feel absolutely shattered. The time change didn't help, obviously, and Joshua's been waking all hours again. So I'm giving myself a 10pm bedtime until I feel better, I've got blog posts drafted so I'll have no excuse. I do have a book party tomorrow night, but I won't be out late. That's if i even make it there, with these hurricane wind threats! Stay safe everyone!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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