662. Our Week [103]

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001. Days are just a blur at the moment. I think because it's getting dark earlier, the weather has not been good and we're not sleeping that great, we're spending a lot of time just lazing around. I'm getting home just before 2 & putting the boys down for a nap not long after, and Daniel's still napping for a couple of hours (I have no idea how my 1 year old survives on less sleep than my three year old!) so by the time we're all up it's nearly time to make dinner! Trying to be thankful for every phase we go through though, finding little things to make me smile like cooking good, healthy meals (I even made my own fajita seasoning!), busting out my cozy winter pyjamas and finding new activities & experiences for the boys.

002. I've felt a little uninspired blogging recently. I never understood what people meant when I've read posts that say that before, but now I do. I'm not even sure why really, perhaps because I'm struggling to find the time with housework/quality time with Colin/book parties & running that little business, perhaps because the lighting isn't great for photographs and I'm just editing & IG-ing them instead. I'm feeling a little better today, I've got four posts drafted & a couple in the works that I need pictures for. I do love this little space of mine, and I hated neglecting it!

003. Colin and I went out on two dates in one day on Saturday! His parents watched the boys while we went shopping and for lunch in the morning (Colin shopped actually, I didn't, but I did get to go on a H&M online spree afterwards!) & we went to a wedding reception in the evening while my cousin babysat! It was nice to have some time together and to actually socialise, I met the people he's worked with for the last 6 months for the first time!

004. I went to a wedding fayre with my Mama on Sunday, which got me super excited about starting planning! It's quite daunting though, I don't know where to start! We spoke about flowers, cakes and suits, but everyone said to get a colour sample first but what do I even get that from?! I'm looking to order some little bracelets to 'pop the question' to my bridesmaids soon, and we booked an appointment to look at wedding dresses in November! I'm hoping to put together a pin-spiration post soon, with the ideas I have!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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