653. Our Week [101]

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001. I'm STILL sick. It sucks, a lot. I'm feeling a lot better in myself, have more energy than before but my mouth is still hurting so much! I have a couple of spots on my tongue now, it feels like it did that time I accidentally ate a whole pineapple - my mouth feels raw! My gums are all painful and red too, and my teeth are playing up. If it's not better Tuesday I'll go to the Dr, because a whole week of this is ridiculous - I can hardly eat! Rant over.

002. Mama got a new phone! It took me forever to set up, because I was feeling so awful, and I have yet to transfer my number over but I LOVE it! I went with the iPhone 5 because it was cheaper & I'm not all that tech-savvy, I just wanted the better camera. I've gone a little crazy taking pictures this week with it, they are so crisp and light! Happy B!

003. I'm thinking about a total blog rehaul, changing the look, the name, everything. I can't really decide if it would be worth the hassle first, and I can't decide on a name either so it won't be happening any time soon! Just a pre-pre-warning haha! I'm looking for something simple, whimsical & I'd like to head slightly further into the lifestyle world of blogging, just for fun. We'll see.

004. I'm starting to get organised. I bought some Christmas presents this week, as well as some gifts for my Godson who is due at the end of this month & we'll be celebrating in a couple of weeks! I got out some of the Halloween bits & we did some fun 'fall' themed activities this week. Another nature walk & a leaf garland are on the to-do list now, along with getting myself to a coffee shop for a fancy hot drink! I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm almost hoping I can be convinced otherwise!

005. I am crazy proud of my amazing fiancé, who ran a Half Marathon today (with hardly any training!) in 2 hours 14 minutes! He did it with his friends from work, for Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service. "Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service was founded in 2007 with the aim to provide a children's hospice service for all children with life limiting and life threatening illnesses in Berkshire and beyond. We have land + planning permission + with your help we can raise the money to build it." If you can, please sponsor him, and his team, here. We celebrated with Dominoes and a family movie night watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, perfect!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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