650. Currently.


FEELING awful. I've had an especially nasty flu-type virus the last few days, I haven't been this ill for YEARS. My glands are up, my throat is sore, my whole mouth hurts & I have some ulcers, I feel achey and lethargic too. So incredibly thankful for my amazing parents, my Mama who came round as soon as I SOS texted her 'I can't do it today' yesterday morning and got the boys, and this morning too, and my Daddy who took the afternoon off to help me out yesterday too. I felt so terrible that I couldn't look after my boys, but I really did need a day to relax and just get better. I'm feeling okay not, still not great but getting there.

EATING Nutella, from the jar. It's been that kind of day, and my throat's still to sore to eat much. I added some Greek Yogurt to the tiny bit that was left, saving washing up too!

WATCHING Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I'm about five episodes in & I'm disturbed but intrigued. My girlfriends recommended it so I'm going to stick it out.

PLANNING our weekend. Colin's off, my cousin is coming over to play, we're going to Colin's parents for dinner Saturday, Sunday he's running a half marathon so I'm hoping to get some quality time in with my boys. We haven't done much this week, obviously, so I want to make it up to them. I'm on the hunt for somewhere to go after school tomorrow to get milkshakes!! A little Friday treat, something I'm working on making a tradition!

Short and sweet tonight, I'm exhausted! Linking up with Randalin over at Harvesting Kale

Lots of Love
Momma B

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