647. Our Week [100]

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001. Our week has been spent being creative (I've taken on the reputation as 'the arty one' at school & am being forced to create amazing displays, such as the world map, out of paper. I'm quite enjoying it actually!) the boys have taken a real interest in drawing and colouring, which I love because I do too! How cute is Joshua sticking with Nanny at toddlers?! Planning some bigger projects for next week.

002. Daniel's also taken up building as a favourite hobby, just check out the towers he made earlier. He was crazily cute about it, making it perfectly symmetrical and concentrating so hard! I'm on the hunt for some activities to encourage this too! Loving being more purposeful with my time, it's making me so much happier to really focus on my boys (even if ignoring the mess in the kitchen is driving me a little crazy!)

003. Feeling so inspired at the moment! In the kitchen, around the home (I'm designing a couple of gallery walls & looking for some cute printables for our bare walls!) My photography is lacking at the moment, so I'm determined to bust out my big camera for the 52 project tomorrow.

004. I put in my first book order for my new business! So exciting, working my way through the process and learning along the way. Plus, I bagged myself some half-price and free books, winning! Hoping a little closer to Christmas things really take off!

005. We're having a lush weekend, full of grandparents & good food. I'm trying to have a major cleaning session so everything's done, I'm halfway through my to-do list so far! I'm getting, and hopefully staying, organised!


Lots of Love
Momma B

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