646. Five Fall Things on Friday.

Alliteration Queen. I could have gone for fantastic Friday but I decided that was too much.
This week has been madness. Complete, and utter, madness. Joshua's under the weather, with a fever, cold symptoms and lethargy. He won't sleep at night, unless on me, and even that's fractiously. I'm blaming teeth, he had the all clear from the Dr today, so fingers crossed they come through soon so we can all start sleeping, in our own beds (Colin's camped out on the sofa because he's like a bear if he's woken during the night!). I am exhausted, trying to balance work, housework and the boys too, blogging's coming in last. Which is okay with me, because I'm realising posting every day is probably a bit OTT (coming from someone who has thousands of unread posts in her reader!)

Five things I love about fall, to try and get me excited about this season despite all the rain!
1. Boots. I'm loving a cute ankle boot this year, with tights and a dress or skinny jeans. I bought the perfect pair from H&M, and I might actually wear them to death before Christmas.
2. Blankets, thick socks and hot water bottles. I love to be cosy.
3. Cooking & baking. I just want to grill all the things in the summer, but now it's cooler I'm excited to get back into the kitchen!
4. Scarves. I love how they can instantly update an outfit, I'm on the hunt for a cute floral one.
5. An excuse to cuddle up and watch movies with my boys. I'm planning lots of movie dates, with popcorn too!

iOS7 anyone? I've just updated my iPad, and I don't hate it. I don't have room on my phone, I need to back up all my picture onto our external hard drive and disks before I can get my pictures off again! I'm looking at getting a new iPhone too, I'm due an upgrade!! Excited Mama.


Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. I like iOS7 pretty well so far. The camera operates a bit differently and that is taking some getting used to - otherwise I don't mind the changes.

    Fall is my favorite!