643. Our Week [099]

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001. Another week lacking on the picture front. I've been so busy rushing around in the mornings to get everything ready & everyone out the door, then spending all morning at work, then rushing home for nap time, then just chilling for an hour or so before dinner that we haven't done much that's actually picture worthy! Except selfies, because obviously.

002. My baby got an award at school! In the second week! Star of the week! For always listening really well, being helpful and for behaving brilliantly! I am SO proud of him, he's loving telling everyone we see that he 'got a trophy because he was a good boy!' & we took him out today to get a little treat. My heart could just about explode.

003. I'm thinking of attempting a little more structure in our day, so that #1 doesn't happen as often & I don't feel like I'm losing time. After nap I'm going to aim to do an activity or craft every day, even if it's just drawing, and try to incorporate some 'learning' in too (we're working on letters right now). I'm going to pull dinner forward a little so we have time to wind down, tidy up and read books before a bath. I'm hoping that means they'll play nicely whileI make dinner, I'm determined to get back into the kitchen too, I have four new meals to try out this week! Fingers crossed!

004. I'm trying this link-up thing again. I'm going to try and get some posts written tonight so I can spend the rest of the week reading & commenting on blogs, to get this little ole blog 'out there'. Please feel free to link up, with an Insta-dump or just a written recap of your week. I'm excited for this, I really hope it pans out.


Lots of Love
Momma B

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