641. Nursery school.


Obviously, I have to start this post with OHMYGOSH HOW DID MY BABY GET SO BIG?! WASN'T HE JUST BORN YESTERDAY?! WAHHH! Seriously though, how on earth did he become such a kid?! Please time, slow down just a little? It's incredibly surreal to walk him to school the same way I walked, to hold his hand across the same road I used to cross, and watch him balance walking along the little wall the same way I did. Crazy.
I am so ridiculously proud of my boy, we had a tiny wobble the first day when I dropped him off, but he was so brave and waved me goodbye before running off to play (I, of course, cried like a baby!). It's so bittersweet, I would hate to go through what we did last year (Daniel had a really tough time settling into preschool, and used to cry every da for a few weeks. Heartbreaking stuff) but it's still hard knowing they don't need you as much anymore. Yesterday, day five, I stood with him waiting for him to switch his shoes so we could go and find his name to put in his box, when he said to me "It's okay Mummy, you can go to work now, I love you" I know he still needs me, otherwise he'd live in the same pair of pants forever and only ever eat dried fruit & treats, but that extra little bit of independence is so hard to accept. Grateful for my littler bundle, who still needs me for most-everything, otherwise I'd be in total meltdown!
On a happier note, I cannot even get over the cuteness of this monkey in a uniform. Those shorts, I mean, come on! He's so proud, every morning, to get his clothes out and put them on, 'so smart'! I look forward every day to hearing what he's been up to, even though I know it will be 'played wif da cars' and 'played in da garden wif Lucas'!

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. So cute, glad he's settled in well for you - I totally get the mixed emotions! Fab he has a little friend too - I think watching their friendships develop is my favourite part of nursery. Tomorrow is Guys first day back to nursery and he's really not cool with it so I can feel an emotional day all round coming on!x

  2. When I dropped my daughter off for her first day of preschool I bend down and said "mama's got to go, can I have a hug?" she just waved and said "bye Mama." Knowing she was excited and having fun was a relief, but I almost cried!
    Thanks for dropping by my Random Thoughts this week.