640. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [098]

My creation
My creation
My creation

A busy busy week last week, with my big boy starting school (sob) & me back at work, it passed in a blur. Joshua's having a ton of fun with Nanny every morning, and I'm getting back into the swing of things - I really do love my job, I feel like it's what I'm 'meant' to do! Spending my evenings collapsed from exhaustion/running/sorting out bits for my new 'business'.
We also had the last of our summer weather, and we lapped it up! From here on out it's jumpers, boots and blankets all round, not that I mind that much - as long as that pesky rain stops!
Entering a new phase with Joshua's sleeping too, putting him down awake in his cot & sitting with him until he falls asleep by himself, and attempting naps in the cot too, fingers crossed!! My only issue is that he always used to take a nap after lunch, at the same time as Daniel, but he doesn't seem tired enough to put himself to sleep! Shall I just persist?! If he naps in the morning, then Daniel naps after lunch, then he naps again, I'll never get to leave the house! Plus, a later nap might mean a more difficult bedtime. Oh, it's so ridiculously complicated!
Happy Monday everyone, what have you got planned for the week?

Lots of Love
Momma B

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