629. I said I would never....


Let my kids eat popsicles before dinner.
But, when you're trying to contain two toddlers in a caravan with an open door, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I was terrified of sleeping with Daniel, 'in case' but Joshua comes into our bed at least once a night, and I feel safe and secure.

Let my kids eat sweets or chocolate.
In all fairness, with Joshua I held out until a year. But my boys probably have a little sweet treat once a day, even if it's just a biscuit. They do eat healthily 95% of the time though!

Breastfeed once my babies had teeth.
Daniel only had a couple when he self weaned, but Joshua has at least eight now & we're still going strong. I think I was scared of being bitten mostly. I also said I wouldn't breastfeed once my baby got old enough to ask for milk, but Joshua is this close, and even started tugging at my shirt while we were at the beach last week & he was tired! Breastfeeding is a funny thing though, who knows when I'll stop.

Let my kids watch TV.
I do try and limit their TV viewing to a show a day, but it is an absolute lifesaver if I need to get chores done or a feeling a little tired (like at 6am!)

Have 'that kid' who tantrums in public.
LOL. Tantrums, and toddlers, cannot be controlled. Silly, silly, pre-baby me.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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