621. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [095]

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001. Earlier on this week I let J loose in the park. I even let him walk to my parents' house from there, even though it took forever and bis big brother was getting impatient. I used let Daniel walk all the time (though granted, he wasn't walking this early!) It was adorable, he kept stopping to pick up pine cones & put them under the pushchair like Daniel does, and smell the flowers, splash in the puddles & giggle to himself. So bittersweet, like an spawful lot of parenting moments, because he's really not my tiny baby any more!

002. A cheeky little ice cream date with my big boy, while his brother slept, filled my love tank right up! He was giddy with excitement, over our little secret, and the gummy bears that came with it, and so was I. I think I'm going to really try and spend some more one-on-one time with the boys, I didn't realise how good it felt. I want to take Daniel to the cinema, to see Planes soon.

003. We went to the zoo on Friday, for Daniel's bestie's Birthday, and had an absolute blast. I took a ton of pictures on my big camera - so proud of myself, wrangling a wriggly little toddler, keeping an eye on the nuggets ones, and taking pictures again. I did have a lot of help from L's cousins, who Daniel adored & hung out with all day!

004. Friday night I went out on the town with my girlfriends for cocktails. It was my bestie's birthday on Thursday, so we dressed up 1920's style (of course) & let our hair down! A really fantastic night, though I was feeling a little delicate this morning, family naps and pi k lucozade saved me!

005. We're going on holiday today! Hence why this post is so early, we're leaving any minute to go to Cornwall with my parents! Staying in a caravan by the sea for a week, though we're having to leave Colin behind! Sad face. My social media will probably be pretty quiet, because I don't think there's much wi-fi around, but I have blog posts scheduled so it'll be happenin' here! Have a wonderful week!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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