613. Embrace the Camera.


A few impromptu pictures of my biggest boy and I, selfies while eating watermelon (because we all know how much I love a watermelon eating shot!). As always, they aren't the best pictures, but I'll treasure them forever!
Emily at The Anderson Crew used to run a wonderful series, Embrace the Camera - with her six children, she's truly inspirational & you should totally click that link. Today I'm encouraging you to get in some pictures with your children, so you have those pictures forever. When you're old and grey, and even when you're not around, those pictures will be prized possessions & you won't regret the fact that you didn't have makeup on, or that the quality wasn't great. You'll be thankful that you captured the moment, and the memory will live on, even when things (like your hair, if my Mama's old pictures have anything to go by!) have changed.
My heart is feeling heavy today, but my boys are keeping me smile & Daniel especially has been amazing. Even though he's only three & has no idea what's going on, he's been so sweet, patient & loving, even when I'm being snappy. I love them so much.
Please let me know if you take some pictures with your babies this week, and link me in the comments if you decide to post them!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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