609. Bubbles!


Man, bubbles are so hard to photograph. But they literally made the boys so happy I had to capture the moment, albeit blurr-ily. I bought Joshua the bubble machine for his birthday - these pictures were only taken a month ago but he just looks so little in them, isn't that crazy?! It actually broke after about ten minutes, which we were all pretty upset about, Joshua would direct us into the bathroom and point and whine for it for days afterwards, so I'm hoping we can take it back and get another. Anyway, if anyone is stuck for a first birthday present idea, a bubble machine is a definite winner! Or any age, actually, Daniel giggled constantly as he chased the bubbles around, trying to pop them!

I really appreciate the fact that I note down and capture these fun moments after a day like I've just had. Today has been rough. Really, really rough. We had a wonderful morning, playing cars, painting and a trip to the park, though Joshua was a little extra clingy & didn't nap well. Lunch brought a meltdown (from the threenager and myself) over a sandwich, I lost my cool and am not at all proud about it. Daniel was shouting "No NO NOO" at me and despite being told he was being rude and not to speak to me like that he continued, so I took some of his toys away and he didn't bat an eyelid. I shouted at him and I hate shouting, and had to send him straight up to bed because I was so cross. Joshua, meanwhile, was screaming the entire time because he was tired and hungry but didn't want to actually eat any lunch. Once Daniel was in bed, and Joshua was asleep I noticed his breathing was very fast and shallow, and started to worry. Long and short of it, we went to the Dr after dinner and again at 9pm because he was no better and I was worried about putting him down to sleep - he was very wheezy and unsettled - where she said he was just having a "wheezy episode". He's safe, which is exactly what I wanted to hear, but to use the nebuliser when needed and go back in the morning if he's still no better. She said they don't like to diagnose asthma so early but he is showing a lot of the signs, so we'll see. I'm so tired now, I also got some bad family news so I'm just emotionally exhausted, off to bed for an early-ish night.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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