594. 12 months.


Big news. Joshua is officially walking. He took seven steps on the 20th May & has been slowly gaining confidence, though would often refuse to even stand. We got him big boy shoes for his birthday and watching him walk in them at first was absolutely hilarious, he'd lift his legs up like he was space walking! He LOVES his shoes, it's so adorable, he smiles so big when he's getting them put on, and if you ask where his shoes are he lifts them up proudly! My little daredevil is climbing everything & giving me heart attacks in the daily. Falling doesn't even bother him, he cries a little but it doesn't stop him! He can get onto Daniel's bed, a little deck chair & even the sofa with a little boost.
Eating more than ever, though sometimes will only have a few bites. Breastfeeding after lunch, before bed & through the night (still!) Working on feeding himself with a spoon, mostly grabs it off with his hands! Hollers & bangs his hands on the table when he wants more food, despite my constant attempts at baby sign! Favourite foods are ham sandwiches, chocolate (a new favourite, after holding out on him for a year he got his first taste on his birthday!), cheese and pasta bolognaise.
Joshua's favourite toys are his walker, wooden bricks, maracas & balls. He loves to hold our hands and walk along to kick balls and balloons, I think we have a little footballer on our hands. He also likes to play with whatever his brother has, much to Daniel's frustration. He is a wonderful big brother though, and we're working on swapping rather than snatching, which is going okay. We're also working on being gentle, but he actually thinks it's hilarious to be told 'no' and I can't bring myself to actually get cross at him for longer than 2.36 seconds, he's too cute!
Joshua's starting to understand and follow simple commands like 'turn around' & 'take that out of your mouth!' which I obviously say all the time. He's getting sly too, waiting until I'm not looking before doing so sing he shouldn't, and giving me the cheekiest grins when he knows he's doing something he shouldn't. Little monkey.
Sleeping is still not great. I still feedJoshua to sleep, otherwise he just doesn't seem to fall into a deep sleep and often wakes up. This goes for the 2+ times a night he wakes too, it's just easier and quicker (or at least it seems like it at 3am) to feed him back to sleep. Sometimes he still ends upon bed with us, especially if he's up ridiculously often or when he wakes after 5am. I quite enjoy the snuggles, and I think he likes to have me close too, it's nice to wake up next to that sweet face. Even when my arm has gone numb and we're both all sweaty, he's just so cute! This last year has taught me to savour every momentum because it's gone in the blink of an eye.


I love that after sleeping on me & getting sweaty, your hair curls at the back, it's absolutely adorable!

I love the way you absolutely idolise and adore your big brother, I am so so happy that you have each other.

I love the way you wrap your arms around my neck and give kisses now, unprompted, melts me.

I love the way you play with my hair while you nurse, always holding me close.

I love your giggle, at the silliest things, it's so fun to see the world through your eyes.

I love you lots, like jelly tots Joshua Reg, I cannot believe you have been in our lives for a whole year, I've loved every second.


Lots of Love
Momma B

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