613. Embrace the Camera.


A few impromptu pictures of my biggest boy and I, selfies while eating watermelon (because we all know how much I love a watermelon eating shot!). As always, they aren't the best pictures, but I'll treasure them forever!
Emily at The Anderson Crew used to run a wonderful series, Embrace the Camera - with her six children, she's truly inspirational & you should totally click that link. Today I'm encouraging you to get in some pictures with your children, so you have those pictures forever. When you're old and grey, and even when you're not around, those pictures will be prized possessions & you won't regret the fact that you didn't have makeup on, or that the quality wasn't great. You'll be thankful that you captured the moment, and the memory will live on, even when things (like your hair, if my Mama's old pictures have anything to go by!) have changed.
My heart is feeling heavy today, but my boys are keeping me smile & Daniel especially has been amazing. Even though he's only three & has no idea what's going on, he's been so sweet, patient & loving, even when I'm being snappy. I love them so much.
Please let me know if you take some pictures with your babies this week, and link me in the comments if you decide to post them!

Lots of Love
Momma B


612. Vehicle/Construction Week.

I mentioned here that I had planned a "theme" for each week of the summer holidays, to keep us busy and happy. Now I'm back to work I wanted to make the most of the time I have off with the boys, by making as many memories as I can. Last week was Vehicle/Construction Week. I looked at our Summer Bucket List and browsed Pinterest for a list of ideas to go with our theme, and each day decided which we were going to do.

We went for a walk past a local construction sight, to see the diggers and the houses being built. Then we came home and played with the tools, of course. We painted with cars (post to come later this week) & coloured in some pictures of construction vehicles. We did some construction sensory play in the sandpit too (another post to come!)

We had a car wash - with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a small bottle (& a little monster who kept trying to eat the sponges and tip the water over!)


We made a traffic light collage, with tissue paper. We cut out the red, yellow and green tissue paper together (Daniel LOVES cutting at the moment), I drew three circles on some paper, we talked about the different colours of a traffic light, and he did the rest himself. I drew one for Joshua too, but gave him some colouring pencils.

We (I, I would like to take all the credit because it took me an hour!) built Daniel's little Garage and the boys spent all morning riding scooters & bikes round the house, filling them with petrol and fixing them. Well, Joshua only rode the Scuttlebug, backwards, but he had fun too!

This week, dinosaurs! I'll be sharing pictures in IG (@MomaBBabyboy) throughout the week!

Lots of Love
Momma B


611. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [092]

My creation
My creation
My creation
My creation
My creation

001. On Monday last week (has it really only been a week?!) we went to Daniel's pre-school party to celebrate the end of the year. Daniel, and most of his friends, will be moving on to nursery in September, I can't believe it! Mental note, stage his "last day of pre-school" pictures next week! They put on an entertainer, who sand songs and danced around, they had a little picnic & did some painting. I couldn't believe the change in my little boy from six months ago. At his Christmas party he refused to join in, and insisted Nanny or I was stood with him the whole time. This time he ran off almost immediately to play with his friends, joined in with all the songs and the actions, and even did some painting! I was so, so proud of him! My best friend came with us as an extra pair of hands, and she snapped those first pictures of the boys and I dancing, she's such a sweetheart!

002. Tuesday was my last day at work & our end of term party, so I was feeling a little worse for wear on Wednesday! Such a wonderful night, though I had to say goodbye to two of my teachers, so I was an emotional wreck! I could blame a lack of sleep but I think I'm just a girl. I was a fountain Thursday too, with Daniel misbehaving, Joshua being poorly (we think he has asthma, poor baby!) & my Nana being taken into hospital. She had a stroke Wednesday night, and is still there now, hopefully being assessed tomorrow. Prayers & thoughts for this amazing lady, as always, would be incredibly appreciated. I've been a total Moaning Myrtle this week but I'm determined not to let things get me down (along with everything above, Daniel's been having nightmares about monsters in his room, and our fridge broke!) Think Positive!

003. I have been planning lots of things to keep us busy this summer, obviously Joshua joins in too but they're mostly for Daniel's benefit. Joshua can entertain himself so easily, for him I just grab a bunch of hats or shoes, put them on the floor and he's happy for ages, putting them on and taking them off. It does make me laugh how easily amused he is!

004. When did your little ones transition to one nap a day? I can't remember with Daniel, but Joshua's 13 months and has been getting up at the crack of dawn for the last couple of weeks and I think it's slowly killing me. Daniel's quite an early riser but he plays happily in his room, Joshua demands to be entertained or, at the very least, for my eyes to be open! We've been watching way too many morning shows for my liking because I can barely function at 6am! He often naps twice because he gets really tired and cranky in the mornings, but if we push past it he gets over it pretty quickly, so I'm attempting to phase it out in the hopes of a little lie-in in the mornings!

005. I've just found out our local sports centre runs a ton of activities and sessions through the summer holidays, like football, swimming, trampolining, all for Daniel's age, so I think we'll check a few of those out! This week we have a playdate, a couple of "fun days" at a local park, and a dinosaur theme! Fingers crossed for better weather than the storms we have forecasted!

Lots of Love
Momma B


610. 30/52.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Joshua, his first time painting. He did amazingly, knowing exactly what to do with the brush, his masterpiece is now on the wall in his bedroom.
Daniel, his first time in a long time getting messy with paint. He followed Joshua's lead and started painting his hands, he usually doesn't like to get messy!

Inspired by the wonderful Jodi, from Che and Fidel

Lots of Love
Momma B


609. Bubbles!


Man, bubbles are so hard to photograph. But they literally made the boys so happy I had to capture the moment, albeit blurr-ily. I bought Joshua the bubble machine for his birthday - these pictures were only taken a month ago but he just looks so little in them, isn't that crazy?! It actually broke after about ten minutes, which we were all pretty upset about, Joshua would direct us into the bathroom and point and whine for it for days afterwards, so I'm hoping we can take it back and get another. Anyway, if anyone is stuck for a first birthday present idea, a bubble machine is a definite winner! Or any age, actually, Daniel giggled constantly as he chased the bubbles around, trying to pop them!

I really appreciate the fact that I note down and capture these fun moments after a day like I've just had. Today has been rough. Really, really rough. We had a wonderful morning, playing cars, painting and a trip to the park, though Joshua was a little extra clingy & didn't nap well. Lunch brought a meltdown (from the threenager and myself) over a sandwich, I lost my cool and am not at all proud about it. Daniel was shouting "No NO NOO" at me and despite being told he was being rude and not to speak to me like that he continued, so I took some of his toys away and he didn't bat an eyelid. I shouted at him and I hate shouting, and had to send him straight up to bed because I was so cross. Joshua, meanwhile, was screaming the entire time because he was tired and hungry but didn't want to actually eat any lunch. Once Daniel was in bed, and Joshua was asleep I noticed his breathing was very fast and shallow, and started to worry. Long and short of it, we went to the Dr after dinner and again at 9pm because he was no better and I was worried about putting him down to sleep - he was very wheezy and unsettled - where she said he was just having a "wheezy episode". He's safe, which is exactly what I wanted to hear, but to use the nebuliser when needed and go back in the morning if he's still no better. She said they don't like to diagnose asthma so early but he is showing a lot of the signs, so we'll see. I'm so tired now, I also got some bad family news so I'm just emotionally exhausted, off to bed for an early-ish night.

Lots of Love
Momma B