591. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [088]

My creation
My creation
My creation
My creation
My creation

001. Monday my brave baby had his 12 month immunisations, three jabs in his arms & leg! He was a superstar, and seemed fine after a looong nap. He's been a little cranky this week but I've blamed teeth, thankfully I found his amber anklet and his necklace arrived too, so he's been a lot happier the last couple of days.

002. This week we got new sand & water trays, conquered the fear of the big boy bike, and I had a fake tan emergency. I've since bought a fake tan mitt, which is great since now I think I'm addicted to looking bronzed.

003. Daniel took the last couple of (blurry) pictures. It's fun to see things through his eyes.

004. Weekends are my favourite. Yesterday we got a ton of stuff done in the morning & went to the Summer Fair in the afternoon. We helped on the Toy Tombola, Daniel won some prizes, got to jump on the trampoline, and played in the 'circus ring' where they had lots of big vehicles and diggers. Today we went shopping with my Mama, had lunch with Nanny & Grandad, went to Daniel's Godfather's for a BBQ with Colin's friends, popped in to see my Uncle because it's his birthday, & had a quick visit from Nana. Phew.

005. We have a few play dates this week, which will be fun! Lots of time outside & at parks. Daniel has another nursery visit Wednesday, we bought his uniform last week & now I'm an emotional wreck. I find out what my job will be next year on Tuesday, and hopefully meet my new class on Wednesday. Ooh, and we're going strawberry picking at the weekend!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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