588. 6-9 month essentials.

My creation

Our LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table is a big hit with both boys. Joshua currently uses it as a walker, pushing it round the laminate wood flooring, but it was great for helping him stand at first, keeping him entertained while working those leg muscles.

A nap time necessity. Mothercare Cotton Cellular Blanket, great for wrapping round Joshua, we never really swaddled but I feel the sleeping bag is too thick for naps, so this is perfect. I'm not scared about him covering his face, because of all the holes, but it also keeps him snug and warm.

Plastic play balls, or any ball at all! These are small enough for little hands, robust enough for little mouths and bright enough to attract attention, even the ones hidden under the couch!

Lamaze Play & Grow Jacques The Peacock was one of Joshua's only Christmas presents, but I chose well! Jacques has lots of right colours, textures and even sounds, great for distracting Joshua from climbing/eating dirt/pulling his brother's hair.

Stacking cups for hours of fun. Joshua personally enjoys bashing them together, they make a pretty loud noise. I enjoy seeing how big I can build a tower before one of the boys knocks it down, followed by giggles and tickles, and lots of 'You cheeky monkey!' Small enough to fit under the pram, or even in the changing bag, we like the bright colours too!

I seriously love our Amber Teething Necklace. I wasn't totally convinced, but I'd heard good things about amber so I thought it was worth a try. I got Joshua an anklet at first, more manly I thought, but socks don't last five minutes with this kiddo, so the anklet didn't either. We lost one in the move, so I ordered another. I'd noticed Joshua dribbled in the bath a lot more, when I'd taken his anklet off, so I thought it was dong something at least. Then we lost the second one, a few weeks ago. All hell broke loose. I moaned on twitter, maybe Instagram too, about my whiny, clingy baby but I knew the minute I bought another, it would turn up as I was sure it was in the house. I caved and went for a necklace this time, as there was less chance of it getting lost, and after a little research into the length I needed I placed my order. Of course a couple of days later I found the first anklet, hidden in a box of my shoes from the move, of course. I've since used the old anklet as a bracelet for Daniel, when he moaned about his mouth hurting, and he didn't mention it again all day. I'm totally convinced now, for sure, and will probably be buying one for all the pregnant Mamas I know (and my Nan too, who suffers terribly with her knees and arthritis)!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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