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001. Joshua's actual birthday was apparently poorly documented, his first taste of chocolate & the bubble machine were the only things I took pictures of. The boys' Godmother looked after them while I worked in the morning, & the obviously had a blast. We celebrated with pizza with friends while Joshua napped, and headed to Nanny & Grandad' for dinner. A pretty regular day, but with lots of extra kisses & renditions of "Happy Birthday to you!" Just like that, he's one.

002. The weather's been okay this week, a little cloudier & chillier but it is England after all. It's raining now but it's supposed to be quite nice this week. Daniel's desperate to play in the sand, but we realised today our water table isn't in the garage it got broken, so I've ordered a new one that Colin's going to pick up tomorrow. D's been begging for days, even putting his sunglasses on & getting his rake ready today, poor kid was heartbroken when Daddy came back empty handed. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice enough to enjoy it!

003. I'm having a lot of fun browsing Pinterest and planning our Summer Bucket List for this year. You can see our old lists, and links to relevant posts, in the tabs under the header. I'm aiming to do two activities a week, plus the regular park/library trips. I'm also trying to put together a cleaning schedule so I don't feel like I spend all my time tidying to no avail. Wish me luck?

004. We've had another awesome weekend. Yesterday we went to Beale Park with my parents, saw lots of animals & played in a super cool park. We made pizzas for dinner too. Today we had a family breakfast, then headed out on a bike ride to feed the ducks. Looking forward to lots of family bike rides this 'summer'. We went out to dinner this evening too, with Colin's family, which was delicious even though we had to wait over an hour for our food. The best part of weekends though, is family naps.

005. Tomorrow we have Joshua's 12 month immunisations. Sad face. Poor kiddo hasn't been feeling great this week, getting really grumpy & fussy, sometimes with a temperature. We've both been sleeping really badly, two nights ago he woke with such a blazing fever I was too worried to sleep, so we're exhausted too. I'm blaming teeth, and thankfully found his amber anklet this afternoon so hopefully he feels a little better. Poor baby's has red eyes & a cough all day today, we'll see. Not looking forward to the jabs making him feel even worse.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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