577. 11 months.


Better late than never eh? Taking these pictures has been on my to-do list for like the last month, but I just haven't got round to it until now! Either the light wasn't good enough, or Joshua was too grumpy, or we got distracted with something else. This time I had to distract Joshua, with a bowl of grapes, to stop him crawling away! Little monkey won't sit still for two minutes!


This month wasn't an awful lot different to the last. Joshua cut his fourth tooth, the second top came in about a week after the first at the beginning of the month. His eyes are still amazing, a deep blue around the edge but a green-ish (like his Mama!) in the centre! He definitely looks more like me & my side of the family, with Colin's dimples!
Monkey started standing a little unassisted & racing around with a walker. Staggering a couple of steps, if cheered on & encouraged.
Eating 3 solid meals, 2 snacks and 3 milk feeds (+ many more at night!!) Favourite foods are fruit & cheese, though there isn't an awful lot this kiddo won't eat! Breakfast is often Weetabix or porridge with fruit (banana/blueberries/raisins) Lunch is usually toast or a sandwich, with cucumber/carrot sticks, grapes/apple slices/clementine segments. Dinner is whatever we are eating, so if we're having fajitas he'll have chicken (unseasoned), pepper strips, sweetcorn & cheese. He likes spaghetti bolognaise A LOT. Followed by a yogurt or more fruit.
Still in 6-9m clothing, my little nugget, though some sleepsuits are a little tight, he's slim but long. I have busted out some summer stuff in 9-12 but it pretty much swamps him! Polo shirts are like dresses & I'm still rolling up trousers once or twice!
Favourite toys are musical instruments (or anything that makes a noise!), spoons & his walker. He likes playing with his brothers big boy toys way more than any baby toys, and a saucepan with a wooden spoon will keep him occupied for a while - as will a ball! He has a pretty good throwing arm & he can kick a ball too!
J his brother round like a puppy, he is absolutely enamoured with Daniel. Their bond is just so special, I'm so glad they have each other & could watch them play for hours. He has started taking an interest in other children, babies especially, though more often than not he'll have his eye on their hair!
Joshua's a little monkey. Climbing anything and everything, using a pincer grasp to grab even the tiniest things & put them into his mouth! I've definitely got my hands full with this one!


Joshua Reg,

I love the way you dance, bouncing up and down, giggling at our mad skills.

I love the way you clench your fists while you nurse, often around my finger.

I love your enthusiasm for climbing stairs, it's the little things.

I love your belly laugh, often because of your wonderful big brother, it makes my heart happy to hear.

I love the light you have brought to our lives, you are so happy you can make anyone smile.

I love you, more than I ever thought possible. We all do.


Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. he is so beautiful!! You should be so proud (: xoxo