566. Fashion Friday & Currently...

Head to toe H&M!

BORROWING books from the library this morning. We went for a walk in the sunshine to get some books about animals. I'm hoping to take the boys to a farm next weekend, and even to the zoo for Joshua's birthday!
DANCING like a maniac to Daniel's children's CD's! My neighbours must think I'm mad but he thinks I'm hilarious! We've been having some serious KISStory dance parties too!
BUILDING puzzles galore! Daniel's rediscovered his love of puzzles, after I moved them all upstairs in a clear out last week! He's actually really good at them, I don't do much at all! We talk about the pictures too, make animal noises & watch videos on YouTube to learn more about them. I love his inquisitive little mind!
THROWING a rainbow party for Joshua's birthday. Small & simple! I've been pinning like mad, there are some fantastic ideas out there!
BUYING nothing this month. I'm putting myself on a spending ban for June, until I get paid at the end of the month. As I've mentioned before, money's pretty tight at the moment so hopefully this will help!


Happy Friday! Tonight I'm going out with my girls & tomorrow we're going for lunch to celebrate a couple of family birthdays. Hoping to make the most of this lovely sunshine!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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