564. Daniel says... & Trendy Tot Tuesday.

Jacket & pocket t-shirt, H&M // Jeans, NEXT // Boat shoes, Marks and Spencer

Exclaims "Oh my word!" When he's excited about something.

When asked something, he replies with "probably" before his answer & says "Oh-hokey-dokey-den"

When he sees his brother in the morning, or after a nap, he sings "Good morning, good morning, it's a very special day!"

"Oh look at me, I look so cute" Daniel was wearing one of his Nana's hair clips, Claire replied 'Oh, don't you look cute!' & he said "Yes, I know I'm cute!"

Calls peas "peeps", animals "amnicals" & lions "yi-yuns". Little mispronunciations that I'll miss one day.

I was explaining that I have trouble opening bottle caps, and said it was ridiculous, Daniel pipes up with "Yes, I know it's ridiculous!"

"Mummy's going out tonight, to see her friends" "Oh no you're not! You have to stay at home. That's why you have a best friend Daddy!"

We were reading 'A Quiet Night In' about a family of elephants & Daniel asks "Do elephants have ding-dongs?" which is what we call man-parts!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. He is so cute!! we need to arrange a play date again soon when youre not working