562. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [083]

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001. We had a busy week, trying to fit in as much as I can before I go back to work. Next week's half term & everywhere will be busy so we made the most of it this week - soft play, swimming & multiple visits for Grandma's house. My parents have gone away for my Dad's 50th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!) so we're looking forward to having them back this week!

002. Teethings a beyatch. That's all I have to say on the matter. On a related note though, since Joshua's too teeth have come through he bites down when he latches, it only hurts for a second but has anyone got any tips for stopping him? I've tried adjusting his latch but it doesn't seem to do much!

003. Daniel filled his 'Good Choice Jar' again, and got a Muck (from Bob the Builder) They're basically BFF's now, he comes everywhere with us! We're loving the jar, Daniel gets a marble each time he makes a good choice - like sharing with his brother, doing something he is asked first time, or being helpful - and it's really helpful for preventing tantrums

004. When did my baby get so big?! Look how HUGE he looks in that mirror shot! He's starting to walk a little, only a few steps at a time and he's pretty hesitant, but definitely walking! I let him attempt to feed himself mince & brown rice this week, though he did use his hands to shove fistfuls in and then tipped the bowl out all over the highchair!

005. We have had the most wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, so far at least! Saturday started with my wonderful fiancé treating us to breakfast, before we all headed to a party for Daniel's friend Elliot at a local soft play centre. The boys had a blast running riot, whizz ing down the huge slides & eating cake! Then we headed home for a whole family nap, played in the garden & ate dinner all together. Today we made pancakes for breakfast, and I had a wonderfully long, hot bath while J napped. Colin went out to watch some golf so the boys and I headed to the park so Daniel could practice on his bike before lunch. We spent the afternoon in the garden, a couple of my girlfriends came over for a BBQ so we sat and chatted while the boys played football. Perfection. Tomorrow Colin has to work, boo, and we're going to his parents' for dinner.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. OM goodness what precious little ones you have. Visiting from the blog hop.