557. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [082]

My creation
My creation

001. Only a few pictures this week, I backed up my phone on Sunday & deleted a bunch of pictures to make some space before uploading them to Flickr. Hashtag fail. But some pretty cute ones right?!

002. I haven't been feeling great the last few days, I think I have a blocked milk duct. I woke up yesterday feeling achey, shakey & nauseous, with a sore & swollen left side. I thought it was just engorgement, and though I feel better today I'm still sore so I'm hoping to go and see the Dr tomorrow.

003. We went to a party on Sunday morning, for a friend of Daniel's, at a soft play centre. The boys had a blast, on the bouncy castle & in the giant ball pool, Daniel was so rosy cheeked and kept jumping into the pool - my brave boy! He insisted on wearing his Jake outfit too, because one time we went to a fancy dress party & now he's convinced it's his party wear! It's totally adorable and not worth a fight so I let him!

004. I LOVE getting comments on my blog! Who doesn't right?! I try to reply to them all, and the easiest way to do that is by email, rather than trawling through each and every post because it takes a lot of time, something that's running short round here! Unfortunately, a lot of my commenters don't have their email address 'attached' to their blog account, so I can't reply :( If you're unsure, please check this post, by the wonderful Mandy, to change your settings!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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