551. Three years.

Three whole years. I'm still in a state of shock, every time I have to correct myself that he's no longer two years old, he's three. That's just so crazy. I can remember the day he was born so vividly, and looking through pictures I can remember exactly how he felt, that squishy newborn back, tiny fingers grasping mine, the way my heart just exploded every time I looked at him. This boy made me a mother, and we've had such an amazing journey together. I'm still learning about being his Mama, and some days are hard, but he's so wonderful and forgiving, I'm so grateful he's mine and we're working our way through this together.
Wow. Just looking back, Daniel has changed so much since this post. Honestly, he looks pretty similar, and hasn't even put on much weight - when I weighed him as the end of March he was 33lb 4oz - but I bet you he's grown a few inches. I really must start measuring in on our door frame, now we own our own house. Wearing 2-3 years in clothes, though trousers must have an adjustable waist (H&M are our favourites!) for that teeny waist, like his Daddy's! No nappies at all anymore, even at night. He get excited every nap time, asking if he can keep his big boy pants on, and at night, asking "No nappies or big boy pants?! Just jam-jams?!"
Daniel's language is still a little immature, but he barely ever stops talking and I secretly love the way he pronounces some words - like "yi-yun" for lion & "kikibar" for guitar! He still loves to sing songs, and has even mastered longer songs like Bob the Builder. It's so much fun now I can have proper conversations with him, ask his opinion on things and ask him to do little things for me - he's the best helper with his little brother and will always fetch whatever he needs!
I cannot put into words how proud I am of the way Daniel has seamlessly slipped into the role of a big brother. Before Joshua arrived I was so worried about Daniel regressing, acting out or becoming jealous, but he has been absolutely perfect. He is so kind and considerate towards his brother, if Joshua cries Daniel's there like a shot, bringing him toys and singing him songs. He even grabs a muslin and wipes his nose for him, & will look after him when I have a shower or have to pop upstairs. They have such an incredible relationship, Joshua absolutely adores his big brother and follows him around laughing and smiling. I can't blame him either, Daniel's pretty super, if I do say so myself! He lights up my world.
Daniel's confidence and social skills have really developed the last few months. I started looking after a friend of his a couple of afternoons a week at the beginning of the year and I think that has really helped, along with the two mornings at pre-school. He has made a best friend at pre, and actually looks forward to going now, which is great! Even at toddlers, he'll join in with the story time and loves to go up and pick a puppet out the bag for their songs. The last few times we have been to places with other kiddos he has made friends and played with them which is so wonderful to see!
Daniel's favourite toys are cars and diggers, mixers especially! Near enough daily we have to get the car box out, he likes to make them go 'crash bang wallop' (tipping them all out) & line them all up, or make them race! HappyLand is probably the next best thing though he likes to put all the people in their cars too and make traffic jams! He has just started playing 'pretend' too, going on holiday and to the zoo, it's adorable. He like to mimic us too, going to work like Daddy and making dinner. He loves wearing 'big boy pants' like Daddy too, and using 'man spray'. In these pictures he has one nail painted blue, because he sees me doing mine and wants to do the same, and we've settled on just one. He hasn't really grasped gender stereotypes yet, which is great! Jake and the Neverland Pirates is his favourite TV show, and he's often sat in my washing basket pretending it's a pirate ship! We read books daily too, every evening after dinner and frequently during the day too. Often the same books over and over - All Aboard the Animal Train & anything by Julia Donaldson! He has memorised quite a few books and I find him sitting on the sofa reading to himself, or to Joshua, it always makes me smile!
Daniel Kyle,
I love the way you wriggle under my arm while I'm reading to you, asking for a 'cuggle', I'll always oblige!
I love our dance parties, while I'm making dinner, hearing that wonderful laughter.
I love your smile, with that little dimple just like your Daddy and brother.
I love that you'll always be my baby, forever and ever.
I love you lots and lots like jelly tots babyboy.
Lots of Love
Momma B

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