550. Our Week in iPhone Photos [081]

My creation
My creation
My creation

001. Two weeks worth of photos. Last weekend was so hectic, with Joshua's Christening (which was practically perfect!) & then I went out with some girlfriends in the evening, leaving all our packing until Monday morning! Blogging was unusually low on my priorities list but it was really nice to spend some time with the girls and let my hair down a little. Though, I did suffer pretty terribly for the next two days so it won't be happening again any time soon! We had a wonderful week away too, spending time with my boys always makes me happy.

002. Back to normal tomorrow, school and work, I'm aiming to get a run in & finish off the mountain of washing after a week off! Everything's clean, mostly dry and folded, just needing to be put away, but right now it's in piles on my bed and I'm writing instead, haha. Tomorrow, I promise. Add washing the floors and sorting the dishwasher to my list too. HopefullyJoshua will take a good nap!

003. Speaking of naps, Joshua is still sleeping pretty terribly. Hopefully getting him back into a routine will help, but his morning nap was disrupted a few times last week so he only slept for 10-15 minutes this morning too, and he's up multiple times during the night. Colin wants to start giving him formula at night before he goes to bed, to see if it will help, but I'm emotionally against the idea without having any solid reasoning. I love the bond we have and the fact he is exclusively breastfed, but it must be a mother-thing because Colin just doesn't get it. I feel it is genuinely worth a try, but a part of me still doesn't want to, even if it means I get some proper sleep! Am I being ridiculous?!

004. We started a good choice jar with Daniel, which has been brilliant in terms of us keeping our cool - him and me both. I'm trying hard to be a better role model for him, stopping myself shouting & instead speaking to him properly, encouraging him to make good choices and control his emotions. We're still using time out too, but less often. Today he filled his jar, so he got a special treat - originally he had a bigger jar & I was going to take him somewhere special, but we got a whole set of Bob the Builder toys second hand for £10 yesterday, so we decided to use those instead! This morning he got Roley, and has since got five more marbles for good choices. I thought having Roley on the side as an incentive while he got his last few would be good, but instead he stood staring at it, asking every few seconds whether he had enough marbles for him yet!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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