548. Ten months.


Ten months. Ten whole freakin' months people! I cannot believe how quickly that time has flown. It feels like he was just my teeny tiny newborn, I was holding him for the first time and watching him wriggle about in his Moses basket, when he wasn't asleep (which he was, 99% of the time. Now he has grown and developed so much he is closer to being a toddler than a newborn, and it's heartbreaking.people told me time went fast, especially with the second, but this is unbelievable! Next thing I know he'll be moving out! It scares me that ten months has passed in a heartbeat, but I am so thankful I have been around constantly for that time, not missing a single thing.
Contrary to these pictures, Joshua is generally the happiest baby, always smiling and giggling. At this particular time he hadn't napped very well just before, he was teething something fierce, and he was hungry too. But it had already taken me a week to sit down with some good lighting and a camera, so we'll take it!
This month, Joshua has learnt to wave 'hello' & 'goodbye', to make a fish sound when he sees them or they're mentioned, and grew another tooth, popping up about three weeks after the first. The top left, if you were wondering. Baby also suffered his first virus, with a temperature for nearly a week, and then a rash. He was a trooper, just requiring a lot of extra snuggles with Mama, and he is much better now, thankfully!
Comfortably fitting into 6-9m clothing, but some shirts are getting a little short. I think he has quite a long torso, and shorter legs, and is overall quite petite. Medium Bambino Mio nappies, & still exclusively cloth diapered (since about September).
Joshua is definitely a climber and a bit of a daredevil. He can climb whole flights of stairs with ease, and loves to. We had to bring the stairgate back down at my Mum's because we couldn't look away for two seconds or he'd be half way up the stairs. Terrifying. He uses me to boost himself onto the sofa, climbing over my legs or up my chest, and tries to lift his leg to climb onto the footstool. Daniel was never quite this, well, adventurous. I can tell I have my hands full with this one. Always after everything he shouldn't too, and eating dirt is like his favourite thing. It's impossible to sweep while he's around, because he'll hear the brush on the floor and race out to grab the dirt. Leaves are a favourite too, though he wasn't as interested in eating the grass when he came into contact a couple of times last week.
Other favourite things are swings, balls & the ball pit (I get so frustrated with picking those little balls up every five minutes, but the joy on his face when he climbs in and wriggles around is so worth it!), spoons, noisy toys and his brother. They have the most adorably special relationship, they are so truly lucky to have each other. Daniel is always looking out for Joshua, getting him toys and making sure he is okay. Sharing isn't brilliant but we're working on it. If Joshua cries Daniel is over like a shot, singing and dancing for him, and shouting for me to let me know.
Monkey has mastered walking with a walker, though still sits down when encouraged to walk. Gaining a little confidence though, standing for a few seconds unassisted, but then sitting down, it's fairly controlled. I think he'll follow in his brothers' footsteps, literally, and walk at around a year (Daniel waited until 14 months). Crawling is so much faster.
Eating 3 solid meals, with one or two snacks in between, and usually stealing our snacks too. Breastfeeding three times a day, and up to three times a night (!) Daniel weaned himself completely off breast milk at ten months so I'm thankful Joshua is still going so strong. Eating mostly table food, unseasoned meat and vegetables from our meals with pasta or potatoes. He loves bananas, clementines, pasta, peas and yogurt. There isn't an awful lot he doesn't like, except mashed potato (I think it might be the texture) and baked beans. I'm having fun coming up with meals that suit us all, and experimenting a little in the kitchen.
My littlest boy is very much a Mama's boy, and likes me to be close at all times. I'm dreading going back to work, he shouts for me if I just go upstairs sometimes. I'm the one who settles him, who gets him to sleep (he is napping in the morning in his cot, but still sleeping on me in the afternoons, and will continue to do so as long as I can get away with it) and who is there 24/7 for him, it's no wonder he has an attachment. It's wonderful to feel loved though, and I wouldn't do anything differently given the chance.


Joshua Reg,

I love the way you point, with your middle finger, all while babbling determinedly. It makes me giggle every time.

I love the way you crawl over to me, or your brother, and give unprompted cuddles and kisses. Melts my heart.

I love the way you snuggle up next to me, right under my arm, head on my chest, when I bring you into bed with us in the morning. There is nothing better than waking up next to your sweet face.

I love your adventurous spirit, when you look so proud of yourself for doing something, even if you shouldn't have!

I love everything about you, sweetheart, and am so thankful that you are mine.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Aw what a sweetheart he is! I love his facial expressions. :)