543. What Daniel Eats...

I thought it would be fun to share what my toddler eats on the daily. Like most other two-year-olds, Daniel is rather fussy and I often struggle with ideas for meals for him. I love reading blogs that share food pictures, for inspiration, and wondered if y'all would appreciate seeing what we eat too. It's also a way to encourage me to become more creative, if I have to show others too! Without further ado...

Cream crackers, ham flavour TUC crackers, mini breadsticks, cucumber slices and grapes.

Raspberry jam on wholemeal toast (he actually ate three slices! Growing boy!) and apple slices.

Grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese and onion star crisps and raw baby carrots.

Chicken fingers & egg fried rice with peas, sweetcorn and carrots.

Pasta with peas and broccoli.

Wholemeal toast with cream cheese, carrot batons, cucumber slices and star crisps.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I'm going to try to take photos of my toddler's food this week...although I don't think there will be as much variety here, he's currently on a food strike! :\