543. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [080]

My creation
My creation
My creation

001. I'm getting all excited because I just meal-planned for the next two weeks, we go away to Centre Parcs next week so I planned for there too! I'm really looking forward to getting away with just my boys, we've booked to go bowling one morning and to a little farm, and are hoping to go swimming every day too! Combined with the bike-riding we'll be doing to get everywhere, I'm going to be as fit as a fiddle, haha!

002. Joshua's Christening is this Sunday, so I'm getting everything organised for that too. Luckily I have some amazing family members, and everyone's helping out with food so that makes things much easier for me, especially as I'm still trying to figure out how we are going to fit 50+ people in our house! We also have a party for one of Daniel's friends on Saturday, and next Saturday is my friend's birthday barbeque! Since his birthday, Daniel has been asking for a party every day, so he will be pleased!

003. I'm really hoping to get back into running, starting tomorrow. My Daddy ran a half marathon today & it has really inspired me - I'm so proud of him! So once I drop Daniel off at pre-school we're going to go for a run, promise. I'm also trying to cut back a little on carbs, because I eat waaay too many, and replace them with vegetables & fruit instead. Again with the good choices.

004. The sun is forecasted to be back this week, yay! It makes me giddy to think about putting away my coats and boots, hopefully for a while this time! Spring fashion is just so cute, the colours make me happy too! I've been browsing Pinterest for inspiration & can't wait to start putting outfits together, to wear to the park & for bike rides with my boys. Daniel is getting really good at pedalling on his big bike, just brakes and steering to work on now! There's something about the sun that just makes me want to be outside! Thankfully, our garden is done now so we totally can! It looks great, I was actually really surprised at how much I love it because I really didn't care before! Seriously, all this great stuff, I can't stop smiling!

005. This is a total ramble-post,well done if you have made it this far! What are YOU looking forward to this week? :)

Lots of Love
Momma B

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