536. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [078]

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001. We've had a fantastic weekend celebrating my biggest boy. We had a quiet family day on Friday, Daniel went to have his hair cut and we had dinner with my parents. We baked cakes too, ready for his party. I may have dropped the huge chocolate cake meant for the treasure chest, but it wasn't missed! Saturday morning, just as we were getting dressed for the kiddos party, I noticed a horrible rash on Joshua' stomach! Colin was convinced it was chicken pox so I spent the next half hour in the phone to the NHS & all the Mamas who were bringing their children, in case they didn't want to risk coming into contact. So, although a lovely nurse concluded it was just a post-viral rash & nothing to worry about, we only had three other boys come. They had great fun, playing with the treasure and cars, and eating biscuits! After naps (all round!) we had family over for another party, Daniel played with my cousins, driving his new diggers around & batting balloons! Exhausting, but a brilliant day!

002. I've had a LOT of snuggle time with Joshua this week. Poor munchkin has had a virus, we think. An on and off temperature all week, until Friday, and then this rash started yesterday. Daniel has been amazing, happily playing by himself and watching movies while we laze on the sofa and Joshua sleeps. Fingers crossed he's on the mend, because I hate seeing my baby so upset!

003. With Joshua being so poorly, he's spent a lot of time in our bed. I'm worried to disrupt everyone by letting him cry it out (the last two nights he has woken every hour until I've brought him into bed with me!) any other tips would be greatly appreciated! I'm considering a white noise machine as he seems to like the comfort of my chest, maybe my heartbeat, if anyone has any recommendations?

004. We're back to regularly scheduled programming this week, the Easter holidays are over. Honestly, I've enjoyed the break but it's nice to have a routine too. Daniel's preschool, toddlers and Tumble Tots all start back this week! I'm definitely going to make the most of this next two months before I go back to work!

005. I finally ordered invitations for Joshua's Christening! I'll share them when they arrive, they're adorable! & we booked our holiday - we go the day after the Christening. To Centre Parcs for a week! We've bought a bike trailer so we're hoping for nice weather so we can ride around on adventures, teach Daniel to swim in the pools and unplug for the week. I'm so excited!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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