533. Little Mr. Independent.


My baby is feeding himself. I'm practically useless to him now. Well, apart from the milk-producing I guess, and the fact he can't change his own nappy. I suppose I'm not totally useless, and at least this means I can concentrate on feeding myself (and my toddler, who at nearly three has regressed slightly when it comes to feeding himself, also known as being a little lazybones!) Some funny eating faces thrown in for good measure, because ohmygosh he's cute!

My littlest man has been pretty under the weather the last few days - an on-and-off fever, screaming and wanting to be held constantly. We're not sleeping well either, he gets crazy warm even with Calpol so he's been in bed with me and I'm exhausted. He was a little better today, more time being happy and playing, and less being my little sidekick, literally. I even cancelled his Doctors appointment because he seemed much better, but then the fever came back & he fell asleep on me. Poor baby, fingers crossed it's just teeth & it'll pass soon!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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