531. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [077]

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001. I'm getting super excited about Daniel's Birthday Party. I just ordered the soft drinks and cake ingredients/decorations! Little parcels have been arriving with eye patches, gold doubloons and pirate hats, and there's a little sneak peek of his party outfit up there too. I'm totally freaking about about him turning three though. THREE! That's so big! I'm totally all over the place emotionally, especially after sorting the boys' old clothes out yesterday and finding teeny tiny outfits that I can't believe they fit into once. I'm randomly busting into tears, because "three years ago it was x days till my due date" (thanks Timehop app for the reminders!) and torturing myself with baby pictures of Daniel. Hopefully I'll get round to posting some this week. I have a never ending to do list though, particularly party things and the housework I've been avoiding this week, and probably will next week too!

002. We spent this morning at my friends' daughter's Christening, which was really lovely. It made me excited for Joshua's Christening, which is next month. It was nice to see her, and meet her husband, and Daniel had the best time. The church had a childrens area, with toys and books so he was perfectly happy during the service, then spent the party running around with all the other kiddos, chasing balloons and blowing bubbles. Joshua tagged along too, crawling after them. It was adorable, and wonderful to see Daniel come out of his shell as normally he's so shy! We all got dressed up too, it was nice to wear a dress and do my hair, and the boys looked adorable in their shirts and ties!!

003. We're looking into booking a family holiday, which has me smiling. Nowhere fancy, just to Centre Parcs, but it would be nice to go somewhere together, to switch off and go for a little adventure. The only problem with working term-time is the prices soar during the holidays, which sucks for us.

004. We've loved having Colin off this week, we've been swimming, out to lunch, and spent some time outside, teaching Daniel to ride his trike and playing at the park. Perfect, though the weather could have been a little better! I'm pretty sad that he has to go back to work tomorrow.

005. Daniel's imagination is totally fantastic right now, I love playing make believe with him. The other day, we were going on an aeroplane, on holiday. We had to buckle ourselves in, take off, have a little sneak, wait for the stewardess to come and offer us a drink, and land again. I love playing pretend, and now he joins in it's even more fun! Today we went on a boat to Nana's house, as requested. We were really in the car and he kept checking "Are we on a boat? A pirate ship boat?" just to be sure, and then giggling. This might be my favourite age.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. lovely blog!
    I can relate to the excitement you've mentioned about the Christening. I've attended 2 over the past couple of weeks and they're just so special. Last week my partner became a God parent for the first time and it was such a proud and happy day for us. I'm sure Joshua's Christening will be a wonderful day.
    Looking forward to checking back soon
    Maria :)

  2. I'm so with you - I always end up with this mix of emotions - happiness for the advances that come with aging but then spurts of teary eyes as I think that my little baby isn't a little baby anymore :( i guess it's all part of motherhood? Why doesn't anyone ever tell you just how hard this is?

  3. Cute pictures!! Love the one of you snuggling with the kids!!