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DRINKING green smoothies & hot water with lemon, both of which are pretty tasty & healthy too! I'm trying a 30 day green smoothie challenge, to get some new ideas.

BUYING the last few bits for Daniel's pirates birthday party next weekend! We went shopping today with my Mum, on the train which Daniel loved, and got our outfits. Stripes all round, and the cutest little t-shirt from H&M for D. When we got home I ordered coins, eye patches and hats from eBay, and I think that's everything! I'm pretty excited, I do like to throw a good party!

DRIVING nowhere really,as my parents are borrowing my car. Colin's been off this week though, so we did go fish shopping, swimming and to a lovely park in the woods. I'm hoping to go to see some animals tomorrow, only if the weather warms up though - it snowed today! We got frozen walking around the shops!

MISSING my boys, how silly eh? Colin's gone to play football, Joshua and Daniel are both in bed, so I'm feeling a little lonely! Entertaining myself with Geordie Shore & blogging though, it is nice to have some alone time.

OBSESSING over spring. I hate people who moan about the weather but I totally am one of them at the moment, I just want a little bit of sun and this harsh wind to stop! I can't wait to ditch the scarves and jumpers, and embrace a new spring wardrobe - pastel colours, chambray, floral patterns, squee!


Lots of Love
Momma B

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