526. Easter Baskets.


I love Easter. It's such a bright, fun holiday and an excuse to eat chocolate and celebrate! I decided to start an Easter basket tradition with the boys this year, because I think it's adorable! Next year I'd love to do an egg hunt too, when they're both old enough to join in & I'm organised enough! I figured we'd get enough chocolate from our families, and I'm not really keen on Daniel having too many treats & Joshua's not allowed chocolate yet, until he's one. I know, I'm so mean. I didn't want to go too over the top either, as the boys have so many toys, especially while we're trying to save money. So I had a quick dig in my special cupboard, and found some new books, stashed from when I had Joshua, and the bubble gun. The little rabbit in Joshua's basket was in my bedside cabinet, and I ordered the puzzle & flash cards with our food shopping from Tesco. The only thing I actually bought was Joshua's bucket, as Daniel had one from last year. Winning. The boys were both excited about their special treats, Daniel continuously exclaimed "Oh my word!" And "Wow!" We had to read all the books straight away and he's desperate to play with the bubble gun but it needs batteries, #momfail. Colin's parents bought us new fish for Easter, we went to pick them out yesterday morning, some pretty coloured guppies!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Those Easter baskets are an Awesome idea!! I think that might be us next year, thank you very much!! :)