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FEELING cold. This time last year we were outside in t-shirts (thanks Time-hop app!) and today we had to layer up in coats, gloves, scarves and hats! I'm fairly sure everyone is wondering where spring is, we've had enough of this cold weather, snotty noses and freezing toes!

IMAGINING my boys when they're older. It's fun to think about what they'll be like as they grow up, and their personalities develop. Especially Joshua, I wonder whether he'll be the outgoing one or even more shy than Daniel.

CONSIDERING a little re-vamp of the blog, I'm not HTML smart at all, but I want something fresh and new, hopefully I'll find the time soon!

LISTENING TO some so-awful-it's-brilliant reality TV and Vampire Diaries while Colin's out playing football. It's nice to have a night to myself, to watch what I want, paint my nails, blog and probably online shop too!

MOVING as little as possible tomorrow. We've had another busy week, and without my car I've been doing a lot of walking! That calls for a pyjama day, lots of baking for my Mum's birthday on Saturday, and maybe a little housework too.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Cold toes are the absolute worst! It's been a miserable cold, wet winter around here and my feet have been frozen wet so much, blech. So ready for spring! Anyways, what a sweet little cuddle bug you have there. Baby kisses are the best!