520. 3-6 month essentials.

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Our favourite baby items, the ones that we couldn't live without. Part of my essentials series, I started to write a 6-9 month post but realised I hadn't written a follow-up to the 0-3 month essentials, so here we go!

Musical instruments, this particular set is great for small hands to hold and shake to their hearts content. Joshua loves anything that makes noise, and singing is one of our favourite activities!

That's Not My... Books are wonderful for story time, for touching and feeling & discovering new textures. We have so many of these books and both boys love them!

Sophie the Giraffe, great for chewing on those pesky gums, and great for squeaking to distract grumpy babies (and toddlers!) If you have a Sophie, you know already, if not, get one! I'll be buying one of these for all my pregnant friends!

Bumbo, we haven't ever put this away since we got it for Daniel, he's two and still sits in it! Great for strengthening little backs just learning to sit, and those desperate to see what's going on from a new angle.

Links are everywhere in our house - the changing bag, the pushchair, the carseat, the sofa - they attach easily so won't get lost, and we attach other toys to them too, to stop them getting lost! Great teethers, and the different textures are fun to explore for little fingers (and mouths!)

Playmat/gym, this isn't our particular one but this one is so cute! A safe, clean place for when you have to put baby down (though I would prefer to hold him 24/7, my toddler and my arms wouldn't allow it!)

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Momma B


  1. I find Sophie really scary...

    I'm seriously considering getting B a bumbo - is it really worth it?
    Hannah xx

  2. We actually have every single one of these items!