517. Nine months.


Nine months old. This kiddo has been out in the world for as long as he was in my belly. Which is terrifying because it feels like only yesterday he was in my belly. & I already miss being pregnant, but that's a different story. Joshua lights up my world, he's such a happy, smiley baby and I can't imagine life without him! He's so friendly, always happy to see other people, but doesn't often like to be held by them. Still a total Mama's boy, and will shout at me if I leave the room, chasing me. He's crawling at the speed of light, especially when Daddy gets home or there's food in sight. Also coasting along/between furniture, but showing no signs of wanting to walk, even with his hands held he just sits down. Thankfully!! Joshua's love for his brother hasn't changed at all, in fact it has probably grown. As soon as Daniel sits on the floor Joshua's over to him like a shot, giving him cuddles and stealing his toys. When we have M over (a friend of Daniel's) and they wander around, going on holiday and all sorts, Joshua follows them around like a puppy dog from room to room, watching them play,
Joshua now gives high fives, and dances to music - bouncing but we're also working on some hand movements! Officially says Mama, shouting it all day long! When I put my arms out to him he lifts arms up to be picked up, and for a cuddle. He wraps his arms tight round my neck, melting my heart - especially when paired with a (slobbery, open-mouthed, normally on the nose) kiss!
Eating 3 solid meals, and a snack or two in between. Usually Weetabix with fruit, or Cheerious, yogurt and fruit for breakfast, toast, cheese and fruit for lunch and pasta/rice/potato with a little purée, vegetables and yogurt for dinner. We're still breastfeeding too, but just three feeds during the day - first thing in the morning, after lynch and before bed - and normally two during the night. I'm pretty sure Daniel wasn't feeding this often at this age, which I'm so happy about as I was dreading stopping with Joshua so soon, we're just not ready. I love the bonding time we have, those little moments where he suckles quietly and gazes up into my eyes, those gorgeous eyes which haven't quite decided on a colour yet but are breathtaking the way they are. His hair seems to be lightening up too, but is still much darker than his brother's (who was totally bald until, at least a year!) A little dry skin, specifically on his arms and back, but coconut oil seems to be clearing it up wonderfully.
I went into the loft to get out some of the 9-12 month clothing, because his vests were a little tight over his giant nighttime nappy, but everything else is miles too big. My little squirt. 6-9 still fitting perfectly, and I have no idea what size nappies because all the writing on the tags has washed off! Exclusively using reusables though, which I'm proud of myself for! Speaking of clothes, socks are a total nightmare, pulled off within seconds, accompanied by the cheekiest grin you will ever see - taking after his Daddy and his brother! Though he definitely looks more like me, and my side of the family, even in the face. He celebrated turning nine months on Sunday with a teeny tiny tooth just poking through, it's still taking it's sweet time, though it doesn't seem to be bothering him much!
Joshua's favourite things are balls, cups, sponges. He's pretty uninterested in baby toys, though he loves his sensory basket and everything his brother plays with! Pulling hair is also a favourite pastime, and eating leaves/dirt. Things that make noise are also good fun! Joshua's least favourite things are nappy changes, it's nearly impossible to pin him down! & the carseat, or even your pushchair when you're not moving!
I wrote a post on sleeping earlier this week. Typically, Joshua apps in his cot in the morning, though rarely for longer than 30 minutes and wakes up incredibly grumpy. He has another nap at around 2pm, when his brother does, so he sleeps on me to avoid waking him. Lasting anywhere between 1.5-2.5 hours, I often have to wake him when I hear Daniel's dulcet tones. Sometimes, depending on how long he has slept for, he can fall asleep again around 5pm, but only if he's in the pushchair or being rocked. Playing The Lumineers can send him off within minutes, especially when I sing along and pat his back. He goes down for the night around 8:30pm, nearly always feeding to sleep and transferring to the cot no problem. Often up around midnight, then 3/4am, then anytime between 5:30-7:30am, at which point I bring him into bed with me, begging for a little more sleep, which he usually obliges to. A lot of people mentioned co-sleeping on my sleep update, but I don't sleep very well when he's in bed with me, I tuck him into the crook of my arm but I'm still paranoid about squishing him, and my arm often goes dead! I know this stage won't last forever, and I'm relishing in the fact I'm still feeding him so often, so I'm feeling pretty positive about it right now.


Joshua Reg,

I love when you reach up to cuddle me, nuzzling into my shoulder and letting me cover you in kisses.

I love the way you lift your arms above your head when you're excited, especially when I can see those scrummy underarms & belly to blow raspberries on.

I love the way you giggle when your brother sings you a song, or makes funny noises to cheer you up.

I love holding you longer than I should when you're asleep, just watching that peaceful little face.

I love when you splash in the bath, surprising yourself with the spray, and how it makes you smile. Even when your brother splashes you back and sends you spluttering for air, as you always do when water gets on your face, you still continue to smile.

I love you, my sweetheart, you make my world complete.

Lots of Love
Momma B

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