515. Our Week in iPhone Photos [074]

My creation
My creation
My creation
My creation
My creation

001. My obsessions this week? Bagels and smoothies. Particularly cinnamon & raisin, or red onion and chive (bagels!) and smoothies with mango in - my favourite fruit. 8'm sticking with cream cheese as a topping for the bagels, but I'm having fun experimenting with smoothie flavours, and the extra nutrients aren't bad!

002. The boys' obsession this week? My washing basket, and colourful plastic balls. We used to have a little plastic paddling pool to put the balls in but I can't find it, and the basket works! It has also been a rocket, and a pirate ship. Daniel was very upset the other day when I had to use the basket for actual washing!

003. Joshua is nine months old today, and to celebrate a little tooth started poking through! I can't believe he's been out in the world for as long as he was inside me now, I feel like I was only pregnant yesterday! Hoping to take some monthly photos tomorrow, adding that to my mental to-do list of all the housework, a run/shower & a visit to my parents' before they go away.

004. This week we made brownies and cookies. I might have a problem. But the brownies disappeared all too quickly and I was in a terrible mood the other morning so obviously baking cookies was the only way to shift it. It worked!

005. I've jumped on the bloglovin' hype. I don't really understand all this GFC business, and always used the blogger dashboard to read blogs, but after a little browsing with bloglovin' I actually really like it! I still use it to click through to the actual blogs, but I like that I can follow any blog now, all in the same place! There's a little button on the right to follow me there if you'd like?

Lots of Love
Momma B

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