502. Treasure Basket.


Joshua is 8 months old now. At the age where he's into everything, grabbing anything he shouldn't and putting whatever he can grab hold of into his mouth. Baby toys only keep him interested for a few minutes, he's much rather crawl out to the hallway and eat leaves, and climb up to grab my phone off the sofa! I remembered my Auntie, who is a wonderful childminder, has a sensory basket for babies to play with, that Daniel used to love, so set about recreating my own. This article is great for an explanation. I scoured Pinterest for ideas, raided the cupboards and soon had our very own treasure/sensory basket. Well, honestly, it's a washing up bowl but I was too eager to wait until I could get to the shops to buy a basket! Joshua loves this basket, I leave it out in the living room and he often crawls over to grab something from inside. Obviously I have to keep a close eye on him with some of the objects, but I always do! I plan on adding more as I get more inspiration or find things to add, but so far we have:

- Sponges.
- Various spoons including a metal spoon, a wooden spoon and a set of plastic measuring spoons.
- Large pine cones.
- Brightly coloured wooden sensory blocks, with different fabrics attached or bells inside.
- Shaker made with rice.
- Bouncy ball.
- Baby hairbrush.

Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. This is an awesome idea!! Good work!

  2. I have been following and liking your pics on instagram and realised i dont actually follow your blog!!! Silly me, i should really do stuff like this with my little one too!!! He loves to grab the strings on clothing and playing with everything!! xo

  3. Seeing this has made me realise that i totally didn't email you. Arggh i am soooo sorry.
    You've done fab, it's a great base to add bits too, try some sensory bottles in there, he'll love those x