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VISITING the zoo on Saturday! I'm probably more excited than the boys, we're going for my friends' birthdays' and there's about a dozen of us going - lots of laughs to be had and extra hands for the babies!

WORKING on organising Daniel's third birthday and Joshua's Christening! We booked the latter last night, for the first weekend in May, and Daniel's is April so I'm now in major planning mode! Etsy and Pinterest galore! I think we've decided on a Pirate theme for Daniel's party, as his current obsession is Jake and the Neverland Pirates/Peter Pan! Shh, I just ordered him Jake and Captain Hook from the Disney Store for his birthday, as they're having a 20% off sale!

CREATING delicious meals in the kitchen. From purées for Joshua, to refreshing smoothies, to delicious healthy dinners! I'm having a lot of fun experimenting and making things I'm actually excited to eat instead of reaching for biscuits and chocolate all the time! I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favourite recipes too!

LOVING teaching Daniel his alphabet! It's amazing to me how he can learn so much so quickly, we've only been doing a little phonics with foam bath letters but he remembers it all! Little sponge! We're also working on numbers and it makes me so proud when he sees a number two somewhere, points it out and announces 'I'm TWO!' He's growing up so fast, and although it scares me half to death it's so fun to watch!

MISSING overlapping nap times aka my me-time. I'm trying to get Joshua onto a regular napping schedule, but it's not coordinating with Daniel's right now which is great because it means I get one-on-one time with them both, but not-so-great because I don't get a chance to relax (or nap!) during the day. I love that quiet time in the middle of the day, even with Joshua asleep on my chest (which I also love, and miss when Daniel's awake so I have to put him down in his cot to sleep!) I still have the chance to watch a couple of shows or catch up on blogs. Fingers crossed I can shift our schedule a little to accommodate me for once!


Lots of Love
Momma B

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