495. Wishlist. Forever 21.

I'm on the Frugal February bandwagon, along with Heather. My maternity pay stops this month, and with our mortgage to pay, we're tightening the purse strings. I'm somewhat determined to not spend any money, except on necessities. I may have bought a packet of biscuits with the last pound in my purse, as I had a friend coming over for coffee, but that's it. I've made exceptions for V-Day and for a girls night I have coming up too. No more snacks, no more buying little treats & toys for the boys, no more clothes. So, of course, all I want to do is browse online at the things I can't have. I think I've written before about how much fun this is for me. I'm doing it right now actually, filling wishful online baskets with H&M and GAP goodies or the boys! Anyway, I've compiled a couple of wishlists, my favourite pieces, almost like therapy and torture at once. Forever 21 has some absolute gems at the moment, and their prices are pretty great too!

My creation

Metallic T-Strap Flats These are so cute, and would dress up any jeans and t-shirt combo. I'm imagining them with a black blazer too.

I love a good raglan, and this Raglan Top & Striped Shorts PJ Set looks so comfy!

This Ombré Sweater is gorgeous.

I love jumpers. Polka Dot Sweater, winning.

Life In Progress™ Zip Pocket Skinny Jeans in cobalt, though I literally want these in every colour. I have a problem.

Along with my my coloured trouser obsession, comes a patterned trouser obsession. I love this easy way to update my style. Polka Dot Ankle Pants, I'm loving polka dots too!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. I feel your pain!! My last pay is next week and things are getting tighter by the day!! Shopping only occurs at the grocery store now!lol I LOVE that Ombre sweater!!