492. 8 months old.


Another month, passed us by even quicker than the last. My littlest boy is fast becoming less of a baby and more of a toddler - he is constantly pulling himself up on anything he can get hold of and has started cruising round the furniture! My Mama says she's seen him stand, just for a second, without holding on too but my heart doesn't want to believe it! It is fun watching him grow and learn - this month he has started saying "Mama", bouncing/dancing when he hears music, clapping on cue (like when I sing "If you're happy and you know it...") and waving "hi"! He's grown too, still mostly in 6-9 month clothing but sleepsuits and dungarees are getting a little snug, I think he's going to be a tall one! I weighed him the other week, at dead on 18lb, so probably closer to 19lb now! Eating solid foods like a pro, mostly finger foods for Mr Independent but some purées to make sure he's getting enough nutrients. Three meals a day, fitting in with our schedule which is actually easier, especially as he often has a variation of what we have. Breakfast is often cheerios and fruit, lunch of toast/rice cakes/crumpets and fruit with yogurt, and dinner is often a meat-purée with rice or pasta & vegetables. It's so funny to watch him eat, especially little things where he grabs them with his whole hand and then wriggles his fingers till it pops out at the top of his fist! His favourite foods are spaghetti bolognaise, cheese and pretty much any fruit! I'm still trying to get him into a routine with feeding, I can't decide whether to drop his mid-morning & afternoon feeds but feed him straight after his solid meals. I'm trying to stop feeding him to sleep, finally, and putting him down in his cot instead, but that deserves a whole post of it's own! Sleeping isn't great at night either, but I'm refusing to speak about it because I'm scared I'll jinx it & it will get worse! During the day he's a happy little soul, sleep or no sleep! His favourite things are towers (specifically knocking them down!), books, and musical instruments. J loves to make noise, and has even started shouting when his brother cries or if we eat in front of him without sharing! His voice sounds a little rougher than Daniel's did, though that may be because there's a cough/cold lurking about. He also makes this crazy squeal that sounds like a baby dinosaur! I always think I'll make these updates short and sweet, but then can't stop thinking of little things to add!


Joshua Reg,

I love the way you laugh, a real belly laugh, when I massage your legs! You're so adorably ticklish!

I love that I'm your favourite, I hope that never changes!

I love the way you look at your brother, gazing with complete adoration, and the bond you two share.

I love the way you bury your head into my shoulder and rub your nose when you're tired - just like Mama your nose just itch when you're sleepy!

I love the way your crawl at top speed to greet Daddy or Grandad when they walk in the door, it's the sweetest!

I love you little dino, to the moon and back!


Lots of Love
Momma B


  1. He's just such a sweetie!! (I hear ya on the sleep thing, and i constantly wonder how they're so cheerful on such little sleep!) What a mischief little grin!!

  2. Lovely how very sweet. Its a great idea to blog these moments as they grow so quick

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  4. What a happy, beautiful boy! And he sure looks proud standing up!!