490. Our Week in iPhone Pictures [070]

My creation
My creation
My creation

01. I've been feeling pretty rough today - I slept terribly & feel all achey and lethargic. Paracetamol isn't touching the headache or the razor blades in my throat, but Daniel has been so sweet - tucking me under a blanket, bringing me toys to cuddle & giving me kisses to make me better.

02. We had a little dinner party last night, just two friends over but it was fun to do something different. I cooked & they brought dessert, a wonderful chocolate cake that I may have just had another slice of!

03. Colin's parents are jetting off on holiday, over his Dad's birthday too so we went out for a meal tonight to celebrate. A lovely little all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant, with delicious food. The only downside was that Joshua was SO grumpy, and only wanted to be held by me, so I ate one handed, standing up. But he's only this little once and one day I'll miss the bond we have, he won't want to cuddle anymore. Sniff. So I'll make the most of it.

04. Looking forward to half term next week. No pre-school & my parents are both off too so we're looking forward to some lazy mornings and fun with them! We're going to the zoo on Wednesday!!

Lots of Love
Momma B

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