487. Happy Pancake Day!

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We celebrated this morning, by getting up early (Joshua and I, Daniel slept like a teenager!) and making mini fluffy pancakes. Daniel chose to have Corn Flakes instead (strange!) & Joshua would only eat them if I broke them into small pieces and put them in his mouth! The kiddo that normally refuses to be fed! I, however, devoured them - smothered with lemon juice and a little sugar of course!

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We went to my parents' for round two. Traditional style. Daniel, again, showed no interest and Joshua was asleep, so we sat down without them and experimented with toppings. We tried lemon & sugar, butterscotch sauce and chocolate sauce. Butterscotch was the clear winner. Obviously, we missed my brother, the King of Flipping Pancakes, but he had to work.

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Once the boys were in bed and Colin was home, we made our final batch. Colin flipped like a pro, I pretty much sucked. We switched between lemon & sugar (do you see a pattern here?) and Nutella (with banana for me!). It was nice to spend time together, doing something silly like cooking together, which never happens. Now my tummy, and heart, are full.

What's your favourite pancake topping?

Lots of Love
Momma B

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  1. Yum!! Those look delicious!! Love lemon and sugar on pancakes (and maple syrup too!)